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About us

PACE Design & Construction is a Washington, D.C.-based design-build firm providing a path to transforming old homes, experiencing modern amenities, and discovering peace of mind with renovations.

There’s an intentional focus at PACE on creating nurturing relationships with both team members and clients to consistently achieve exceptional residential remodels and home improvements.  With a talented team of fully licensed, certified, and insured; designers, managers, technicians, and craftsmen the PACE teams collaborate to deliver exceptional outcomes.

The company is led by builder Brad Wilson who started his construction journey in the early 1990s on a humanitarian trip to Russia. His first homes were proudly constructed alongside incredible carpenters and without power tools upon an endless prairie near modern-day Ukraine and Belarus. Since those early days, Brad and the team have honed their experience working on thousands of construction projects that range from large-scale developments to one-off custom installations. Brad lives near Union Market and PACE’s U-line Arena offices in the NOMA neighborhood of northeast Washington D.C. with his wife and son.

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